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How Can I Successfully Work From Home?

In these times of COVID-19, where most of us are required to work from home, I thought sharing a video with you, which contains 6 great tips, that have made my personal WFH (Work From Home) situation highly productive.

Here’s the bottom line…


1. Create a Dedicated Work space

Secure a room, or use a divider screen to create a dedicated workspace, where you will not be interrupted and you can focus, away from distractions.

2. Make sure you have the Right Equipment

Invest in the best technology you can afford, e.g. a high speed internet connection, an office chair and a noise-cancelling headset.

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3. Stick to Regular Office Hours

Decide what your office hours will be and stick to them, so your work remains separate from home time.

4. Dress For Work

Prepare your brain mentally and physiologically for work. Wear something you feel comfortable others to see you in when you activate your webcam. 

Dress for work
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5. Manage Expectations with everyone else at home

Discuss your daily or weekly schedule with your family members (partner, kids). `That way, everyone (including yourself), knows when you’ll be working and when you’ll be free to spend some quality time with them.  

6. Human Connections

Schedule virtual catch-ups with your clients, friends and family and use your webcam to see each other. Get out of the house (if possible /allowed) and socialise, pursue your hobbies, walk the dog and spend time in person with family and friends to counteract the time you have spent alone behind your screen(s).


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