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I’m glad you’ve come and visit my website. The fact that you’ve ended up here, in all likelihood means that you’re interested in changing your life. Or at least, that you’re considering setting up your own online business.
And, if you are like me a while ago, you may not yet have any idea where to start and even where to go.
So, and pardon the analogy, that’s pretty much like Alice in Wonderland, whom is asking Cheshire the Cat for the right way. And then -after she’s indicated that she doesn’t know where she’s going- the Cat responds:

“Well, if you don’t know where to go. Then any road will guide you there.”

Ron behind laptop at beach bar
Working behind my laptop at a local beach bar.


And that’s where my mentors can surely help you as well. As they helped me. For a while, I knew, I did not want to stay in my corporate job. I wanted more freedom in my life, financially (by building multiple income streams and avoiding the time for money trap), locationally (allowing me to travel more ) and time-wise (work whenever I want).
However, I did not know how to make this happen, as, quite frankly, this all sounded more like a dream than an option I could make reality.
And at some point, after having done some thorough researching (Google is your friend!), and after having given it some thought and discussions with my wife, it became clear to me that building my own online business was the best way to make this happen. It wouldn’t require huge investments, I could start from home and -for the time being- do it whilst continuing my day job.
At that point, however, I still didn’t know where to start. Or, more accurately, what would I market?
Fortunately, that’s where my online business education journey started. It started with making me think about the basic and highly critical questions first. As Simon Sinec wrote in his famous contemporary classic, ‘Start with Why’: The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.
To give you an idea, this is what’s driving me.


A world where everyone can be him/herself and work to his/her full potential, not limited by time, location and money.



I’m personally responsible for my own success, misery and happiness.

My father always had his own company. However, I knew I didn’t want to work in the same field as he did. My interests lay in a different kind of business. So, I ended up studying at the other side of the country, emerging myself in the study ‘International Business’ at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. And I learned, that not only can I start a new life independent from my father, but if I love what I do, I can do everything.

And, to move things to the present. Rather than whining about not being able to go on our planned  holiday, we decided to improve the fun in our backyard by installing a jacuzzi.

In the jacuzzi
Holiday in the backyard in times of COVID-19.
wine, glass, drink
Always love drinking a good glass of wine!

People are creatures of habit (good or bad).

The only way to make change last, is to change your habits. Almost everything we do is based on habits, whether it’s eating, exercising, communicating, dressing, it doesn’t matter. The moment I left my parents’ home, I started building new habits. I started dressing differently (e.g. changing t-shirts for polo shirts, jeans for chino’s), talking differently (e.g. I used to live north of Amsterdam, where people spoke a certain dialect. Moving to Maastricht didn’t only make me speak English on a daily basis, it also made me realize I talked a dialect version of my native language (Dutch), which I decided to change to “civilized Dutch”), drinking differently (e.g. instead of drinking beer, I developed a great interest in wines).
With all the changes in my life, 1 thing remained constant: gradual changes, executed with focus and dedication at first, grew into new habits later, and required zero effort after a little while.

Nothing is impossible, until confirmed in practice (i.e. after putting in diligent effort).

possible, impossible, opportunity

I happen to have lost my left arm a few decades ago, due to cancer. Having only one arm is considered to be a physical handicap in our society. Regardless, I’ve picked up field hockey as my #1 sport, after my oldest son showed an interest in it. And, without knowing the rules and how to play the game physically, I volunteered at the local field hockey club and became his first trainer when he was 6 years old. And I’ve done the same for his siblings in the years following. As a matter of fact, I’ve started playing myself (and yes, in a “normal” field hockey team). So that’s why I’m always saying: “try it out, and you’ll learn whether you can do it (or not).”

Field hockey
I just love field hockey.